Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday scenes and scenery: mid-America miscellany

This, from central Illinois, is for my coastal friends laboring under much higher gas prices. Actually, we've seen as low as $2.91. Yes, much of this country could afford to put a price on our carbon pollution!

Mr. Cheeseman is a cheerful feature of central Wisconsin. Gotta like the fellow. He's about 15 feet tall.

We actually ate here outside Indianapolis in the hope that it would be preferable to McD's and Arby's. Don't repeat our mistake.

Who knew the downtown area of Battle Creek, Michigan was so commandingly beautiful? On closer inspection, it seems pretty depressed, but it sure puts up a good front.

Here's another image from Battle Creek.

There's craft beer everywhere, but I can't say I've been bowled over by the quality of any of it. Great labels, though -- this from Wisconsin.

It will perhaps not surprise that this one is from Chicago.

They apparently hold elections for this office in rural Maryland. Slightly frightening idea, though possibly lucrative for the winner.

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Hattie said...

Yikes! What country is this anyway? I don't recognize it!

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