Monday, September 15, 2014

The old lady is running!

The mainstream media has begun stating the obvious.

Hillary Clinton will be in Iowa on Sunday, and the national press is dispensing with the formalities: She is running for president. No if's, and's or deeply personal decisions about it.

This gives me no thrill. I think she'll be a terrible downgrade on the incumbent and he's been no prize either.

But what's wrong with Hillary Clinton has nothing to do with the fact that she is a visibly aging woman of almost 67. She's earned her wrinkles for goodness sake. I could even wish she were more proud of them. But in any case, a face that she shows some wear and tear strikes me as a qualification for high office, not a cause for censure or ridicule.

The media doesn't play it this way. For over a year I've been collecting images of Hillary that various media outfits choose to emphasize. Do these scare you adequately?

There we have it: the wrinkled bitch and the censorious scold.

The preponderance of these ugly images is not because they are the only ones available.

Hillary could be portrayed as the honorable, experienced public servant.
She likes that one, I imagine.

Or she could be shown as the animated author on book tour.

Over the next few years, I think we owe it to all older women to attend carefully to the pictures the media uses of this annoying candidate and call them out when they are meant to demean her age and experience.


Rain Trueax said...

What I want from her are more specifics as to what she will do. She loves to give off with rhetoric to leave herself free expecting us to base our vote on her reputation. Well, for me her reputation is not positive and that includes her husband's. I truly hope we get better options in the primaries.

Bernie is running apparently but he has little chance as he is too far left for most Americans. Still he is honorable and that's not something I'd bet on where it comes to Hillary. Ambition is too much a part of her persona. That video with Bill Moyer interviewing Elizabeth Warren pretty well showed who Hillary is-- brilliant but will sell out for the right price. :(

Hattie said...

Frankly she looks fine to me in all those pictures. What worries me are her hawkish tendencies.

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