Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Teaching moment, off the field

How often do we hear such simple good sense from a football star? This is enough to make me proud that Rodgers is too a Cal Berkeley alum.

Before the start of the game at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis., an unidentified spectator appeared to yell, “Muslims suck!” during a moment of silence, which preceded all N.F.L. games on Sunday.

...Asked about the gesture honoring those killed in the Paris attacks, Mr. Rodgers said: “I think it’s important to do things like that. We’re connected, a connected world — you know, six degrees of separation.”

He then paused and added: “I must admit though, I was very disappointed with whoever the fan was who made a comment that I thought was really inappropriate during the moment of silence. It’s that kind of prejudicial ideology that, I think, puts us in the position that we’re in today, as a world.”

New York Times

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