Friday, November 13, 2015

Why is this guy so repulsive?

I find Ted Cruz' appearance stomach turning (and that's without taking into consideration anything he stands for.)

I'm not alone in this. Paul Waldman confesses the same feeling:

... a necessary confession: I find Cruz utterly repellent, on a real gut level, and most of the liberals I know feel the same way.

That's no basis on which to make rational political judgments, but it is what it is. There's a self-satisfied smarminess about Cruz that is just inescapable. His manner is always exactly the same, the varieties of human emotion distilled down to a smirk and a sneer. He's about as charming as the lawyer who sues the school district because his kid got a 99 instead of 100 on a geography quiz.

Or may as charming as Martin Shkreli, the greedy pharmaceutical billionaire. Though pictures of Shkreli don't make him quite as bad looking.

An odious appearance is unusual in a major politician. Why is this guy so repulsive?


Rain Trueax said...

It's his smug self-righteousness and the selfish positions he takes. It's not just his face but that's bad enough. It's the whole package. Ugh but then i feel that way about them all. Did you see that I think it was an Indiana university predicted Bernie will be our next President. I'd sure like to see that come to pass.

Brandon said...

At least he doesn't have Trump's jacked-up hairdo.

Andrew Cooper said...

A key attribute in a President is the ability to negotiate... To listen to the other side, to compromise, to deal fairly and realize you are not always right. Why do I get the feeling that Ted Cruz can do none of that?

Brandon said...

I found this photo of Ted Cruz from long ago. I think it says a lot. Take from that what you will.

janinsanfran said...

Thanks Brandon. Some people grow beyond the stage shown there. Others, maybe not.

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