Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Election looking good in Nevada

By now, I feel confident that any identified Cortez-Masto (Senate) and Clinton voter who lives behind one of those dots on this map of a Reno neighborhood has turned out to vote. The only way to get rid of the canvass team I was part of last week will have been to get it done with.

And there is hard evidence that the push in the Silver State is working. Michael P. McDonald, who is rounding up reports on early voting at the HuffPo, has this:


In-person early voting began on Saturday, and like North Carolina, the volume of voting increased dramatically. As I write this on Sunday, data are available only for Clark (Las Vegas) and Washoe (Reno) counties [where the vast majority of Nevadans live]. These are the two most Democratic counties of the state. Not surprisingly, Democrats lead all early votes in these two counties. With 68,927 early votes cast, registered Democrats lead Republicans 50.3 percent to 31.5 percent. (Nevada will begin reporting statewide numbers this week.)

Looking at the party registration numbers, Jon Ralston reports registered Democrats are voting above their voter registration levels, up 12 points in Clark and 11 points in Washoe. Republicans are running below their voter registration levels, down 2 points in Clark and 1 point in Washoe. Ralston was careful to document how Republicans outperformed in 2014, so Trump supporters should take heed when he says, “Democrats destroyed Republicans in the first day of early voting in Nevada.” There is nothing in these early voting numbers that contradict recent polling showing Clinton taking a lead in the state.

Congrats to the GOTV teams!
In general, early voting is looking good for a Democratic Senate majority according to the Cook Political Report, the most granular of sites that try to forecast election results.


amspirnational said...

You're not supporting Trump or at least Stein?
Shame on you. The real left cannot support a corrupt warmonger and unindicted felon.

Hattie said...

Amspirnational: Thanks for the mansplanation on the nature of the "real left." You will be real "left behind" after this election.

Brandon said...

There's always someone more to the left (or right). I check out the World Socialist Web Site occasionally. To them, the Greens are just another capitalist party.

The Greens are hostile to socialism and any struggle to break the working class from the political tutelage and domination of the upper middle classes. Its pro-capitalist and nationalist orientation lead the Greens invariably to adapt to the nationalist pressures of one or another sections of their “own” capitalist classes, resulting in the abandonment of their pacifist and anti-austerity positions.

Instead, the WSWS says: In giving the American people the choice between Clinton and Trump, the two-party system in the United States has demonstrated that it is a political dead end.

The elections two weeks from now will resolve nothing. The pressing task is the building of a political leadership, based on a revolutionary socialist program, that will give a genuinely progressive expression to the interests of millions of workers and young people. This is the perspective the Socialist Equality Party has advanced in the 2016 elections, fought for by our candidates, Jerry White for president and Niles Niemuth for vice president.

janinsanfran said...

Hey Brandon: Unhappily -- I've known lots of these people including the current alternative candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party -- these efforts to imagine us by sheer force of will into a different reality take us nowhere but this sad tale.

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