Friday, June 30, 2017

Annoyed by the tweets?

Since the frustrated Great Cheato is tweeting up a storm these days, this seems a great moment to pass along We Can Resist. The site enables you to contribute small sums (as low as 10 cents per tweet) every time he goes off.

The available list of possible recipients is broad, including among others Clean Water Action, Black Lives Matter, the National Center for Transgender Equality, Crisis Text Line, and the National Immigration Law Center. Once you sign up, you pick your recipients and they charge your credit card monthly, so long as Trump runs up a $5.00 total. He shows no sign of failing to do that.

If this relatively painless resistance option appeals to you, start here.

1 comment:

tina a Lebanese in Beirut said...

Please thank your Erudite Partner for her article in The Nation
I hope all your readers will read it.
As someone who has survived many wars waged in/on my country her article really moved me.

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