Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sessions has to watch his back

At Vox, Andrew Prokop has provided a summary of questions which neo-Confederate Attorney General Jeff Sessions refused to answer in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

• Whether President Trump talked about fired FBI Director James Comey’s handling of the Russia investigation with him
• Whether he was surprised to hear Trump say, two days after Comey’s firing, that the Russia investigation was a major factor in his decision
• Whether Trump has expressed anger to him over [Session's] recusal from the Russia investigation
• Whether top White House or Justice Department officials have already discussed pardons for Trump associates under investigation

Prokop goes on to try to delve into why Sessions might have asserted a (legally dubious) privilege against discussing these items under oath. He comes up with convoluted suggestions for each point.

It looks simple to me: very likely there was someone else in the room who might have heard what Sessions (and sometimes Trump) had to say. In this gang of thieves, none of them can trust that the others won't throw them overboard, especially if the investigators push hard enough. So safety requires concealing anything that others may have seen or heard.

Let 'em stew.

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