Friday, January 05, 2018

Follow the marijuana light

Today, even before Attorney General Jefferson Davis Sessions relaunched the federal war on grass, Kos offered Democrats political advice.

If Democrats are smart, they will finally nationalize the pot issue, and its impact could spread through the entire map. The more young voters turn out, the bigger the Democratic landslide will be. And a great step toward making that happen would be full-throated Democratic support for full legalization at the federal level. Heck, leave it up to the states to decide for themselves! But the feds need to get out of the business of banning marijuana. And as far as political calculations go, there is little downside to Democrats. The public supports recreational legalization by 2-1 margins, and medicinal legalization by 9-1 margins or even higher. 

Yes. In the recent Alabama election, Doug Jones won under 45 voters by 28 percent. Let's turn 'em out. Thanks Jeff.

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