Friday, March 02, 2018

Ad fodder for California Senate race

I can only assume that Diane Feinstein's challenger for the California Senate nomination, Kevin de Leon, will run this moment over and over in his TV ads this spring. How can anyone have served 24 years in the Senate and not acquired the smarts to recognize that she's sitting next to a con man who cannot be relied upon to stick to anything he momentarily promises?

Diane Feinstein has an honorable record on gun control; I doubt that many other Senators have been in the building and found the bodies in a double assassination that decapitated the government entity she was part of. It would be nice if Trump had jumped on the gun control bandwagon the other day. Much of the public has, even Republicans. But our Senator's reaction here is just dopey.

And predictably, Trump has since had his chain yanked by the NRA.

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