Monday, March 19, 2018

She's probably the only scientist they'll ever encounter

Who better to tell the story?
Amber Sullins is the chief meteorologist at ABC15 News in Phoenix. She apparently doesn't care who tells her to shut up about the region's rapidly rising temperatures.

According to Grist:

In Arizona, Amber Sullins, five-time Emmy Award WinningABC15chief meteorologist, builds her climate change stories and information with her key demographic in mind: women aged 25 to 54. “I leave out things people can’t connect with like sea ice,” she says. “Instead, I focus on what my viewers care about: their children, their finances.”

Sullins also incorporates past data on frequency of fires or heatwaves into her daily forecast. “It helps to provide perspective,” she says. “ I also talk about projections so people know where we are going.”

Climate Matters is an initiative of the science communication orgnization Climate Central which provides TV meteorologists with usable information on the relationship between weather and climate. The program has grown to include more than 300 local TV meteorologists who reach millions of viewers.

Given that local TV news is too often just a junk pile of violent crime and trivialities, yet also where more than 50% of us look for information, this is a powerful campaign.


Rain Trueax said...

Even the right think there is climate change. The disagreements come on what can be done about it. Does she get into human influences and arguments regarding options now. The SW is a vivid example of climate change as it drove a people to head south into Mexico due to drought that made their villages uninhabitable by the 1400s or somewhat earlier. They had extensive canal systems and it wasn't enough. I was upset with Carter when he okayed that for Arizona with the Colorado River water. I had expected better from him as it enabled more golf courses, housing beyond what the region could support. He was one of my first disappointments from a Democrat, who talked good but then didn't walk the talk. The SW now is growing leaps and bounds and much of it dependent on taking water from another source, moving it, and creating an artificial environment :(. I love Tucson; we have a home here, but it can't support the population today anymore than it did the Hohokam hundreds of years ago. The only real answer to massive climate change might be massive migrations. Some ares that today support human life won't. What happens then?

janinsanfran said...

If global warming is not slowed or curbed, mass migrations are inevitable. Also mass migrations from vulnerable coasts. We're already seeing this from Africa/Sahel across the Mediterranean though we tend to call it something else: violence, economic pain etc.

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