Thursday, March 08, 2018

I doubt Trump can silence Stormy Daniels

But whatever comes of this, please, please, I don't want to see the dick pics!

Two comments, both to the point.


Rain Trueax said...

it looks like we're doomed to have the media push this at us for the next however long until they find something else to use that they think is more revolting. She's an aging porn star looking for publicity, which she has just been given.How long before they have her on the View (another show I've never watched). The most damage is to Barron. Frankly, can the so-called news outlets sink any lower?

So many things are happening that matter like tariffs and trade wars; North Korea; endless wars in the Middle East and Africa; homelessness and city streets turned into toilets; shootings in public places; guns; VA's inadequate care; immigration; states rights vs federal laws; are boys or girls facing a tougher road ahead in today's world; and on it goes... and instead this woman's picture is plastered all over the news for a consensual, adulterous affair that is 10 years old (Melania might have reason to care but I've read they have an open marriage). Why the lawyer wanted to shut the porn star up is beyond me-- not like voters on either side would have cared given the Clintons earlier. I don't know who to feel sorrier for but I think it's us. Although, if we didn't read these stories, watch the news when it comes on, maybe they'd find stories that should matter and less of what the latest Bachelor had for a scandal, which evidently increased those ratings. I've never seen any of those shows and wonder who is actually watching them. Probably the same ones who care about an old affair.

Celia said...

The damage to Barron is being done by his father Rain, not the media. I don't watch reality shows either, but Trump has turned being president into one. Sometimes I think he does the stuff he does to distract us from his incompetence.

Rain Trueax said...

The damage to Barron is that his father is famous. His father didn't tell him this. I think of John Kennedy and Bill Clinton plus a lot of other men who did the same things. We weren't though in a time where the press wanted to tell us every sleazy detail. The ones who are upset about Trump having an affair probably still voted for Clinton knowing the same and worse since he had to pay off a woman he assaulted and the woman who claimed rape was ignore by the press. Not many who voted for Trump probably figured he was pure as the driven snow. For that matter, those who voted for Hillary (me being one) never saw her as ethically pure either.

As for incompetence-- it all depends on what you wanted to see done. For the left, he's terrible. The right is quite pleased as he's doing what he claimed he'd do. We have never been in such a tribal time-- at least in my memory.

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