Monday, March 28, 2005

Help Nurses toss Arnold an anvil

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In the immortal words of political consultant James Carville, "when your opponent is in trouble, toss him an anvil."

The San Francisco Chronicle's snotty political columnists call it Muscle Sag. The Governator's poll numbers are sinking, 10 points in the last month. They write: "after months of being up against the ropes, a newly reignited Democratic Party and labor movement are smelling blood in the water."

On April 5 at 6 p.m., nurses, students, teachers, parents, firefighters and people who care about public health, education and justice will rally at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco (600 Stockton at California) outside one of Schwarzenegger's fund raisers for fat cats. YOU ARE INVITED!

Arnold's popularity problem appears to be threefold:
-- He's now being seen as just another partisan politician.
-- His "girlie men" name calling is beginning to be seen as the same old political bickering he promised to end.
-- His "reforms" aren't connecting with voters.
"The idea of merit pay for teachers is, at best, split with voters," said one Democratic consultant who has seen the numbers. "The pension reform is at under 50 percent, and no one really cares about redistricting.

Full disclosure: I've been hired by the California Nurses Association to help build this rally. How about that for fun?

You can download a pdf flyer for the rally at the CNA website.

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