Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Send a message

This is great. Now you can buy real, honest to goodness, working postage stamps (licensed by the USPS!) with an antiwar message. And the proceeds go to help groups working to bring the troops home.

The stamp features the symbol of the growing "Bring 'Em Home Now!" movement – a yellow ribbon transposed over a peace sign – providing millions of Americans with a unique way to show their support for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq....

All proceeds from the sale of the stamps ... benefit citizen groups working hard to end the war and bring our troops safely home, including Military Families Speak Out, Gold Star Families for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and Veterans for Peace.

By participating, you proudly say: "I support the troops. Let's bring them home now! And let's take care of them when they get here."

You'll pay extra to send your mail. The stamps are $20 for a sheet of 20. But since you are already paying for the war, how about something for the peace?

Hat tip to Melanie.


A said...

Wow, that is just fantastic!

"Bring 'em home now!", so that the job will remain unfinished; so that those that have died will have died in vain; so that Iraq will descend into anarchy (but they aren't Americans, so who gives a damn, right?); so that terrorists the world over can feel justified that the US is nothing more than a paper tiger who does not have the stomach to accomplish anything really worthwhile; and so that terrorism can be justified as the straw that truly broke the camel's back.

mikevotes said...

Wow, I hadn't seen that. I'm going to link you.