Friday, January 26, 2007

If wondering whether to march ...

in a protest organized by some strange faction who you suspect might not represent your views, consider these suggestions from hilzoy:

My presence at a march is not normally a sign that I endorse the people who are organizing it; it's a sign that I endorse whatever people are marching for. This has limits: I would not, for instance, participate in a march put on by the KKK or the American Nazi Party. On the other hand, since I do not normally spend huge amounts of time researching the sponsors of marches, it's perfectly possible that I might turn up at some march sponsored by an organization that's dreadful, but that I'm not familiar with. In this particular case, the American Friends' Service Committee is a member of UFPJ, and they're good enough for me.

I suspect that if I were to read through the list of member organizations (I started, but gave up; it's too long), I would probably find some that I really dislike among the many that I admire. But I'm not going to bother. I dislike the idea that before I can engage in any form of public political action, I have to investigate all the people involved in it for ideological purity; and besides, life is short.

My emphasis. If you can be in D.C. tomorrow, be there or be square.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is good.
geat pics of the peace marches too.
id also like to add, your comments about former prez carters book too.

I orderd it on amazon because i think carter has alot to say and is worth a listen, or reading in this case.

thanks dude. keep up the good blogging.


Friar Tuck

from over at america blog, commentor.

Eric Mar said...

thanks for posting this. i share your reluctance often and myself decided to go to a community event instead of the march today.
we showed the film 'the ground truth' and welcomed carolyn ho, mom of lt. ehren watada as a community showing of resistance to the war. tomorrow we are holding several events in chinatown as well. your photos though are wonderful of today's sf march and rally.