Thursday, February 14, 2008

Campaign snark
And a little observed truth

Will the refreshments be this:

or this?

The question is prompted by this:

Solis Doyle [Hillary Clinton's deposed campaign manager] has developed a reputation for mucking around in the weeds, insisting upon signing off on even low-level decisions, such as where to hold a minor event and whether bagels or donuts should be served. (That's not a hypothetical.)

Michelle Cottle in TNR via Obsidian Wings

I've long had a theory about this.

If the campaign is run by labor and the volunteers are working class people, there will be donuts.

If the campaign is run by community advocates and recruits the employees of non-profit organizations, there will be bagels.

If the fare is something like this,

the campaign has foundation funding.

/snark off.


Unknown said...

what?!? no pan dulce?!?!?



janinsanfran said...

You know, I've never seen pan dulce at a mobilization. Have to try it someday and see how it goes. :-)

Jane R said...


Pan dulce is a good idea.

I must hang out with the wrong political people. I want me some of those foundation-funded croissants. But that would make me radical chic, which I don't want to be. Only radical AND chic.

Maybe I should start a new blog called Radical Foodie.

By the way, we've got fresh pan dulce in Greensboro now because thanks to immigration, we've got panaderias.

Jane R said...

Speaking of radical chic - check this out. I also posted a link to it today on blog. It'll be in tomorrow's paper edition of the NY Times.

Unknown said...

pan dulce, cochitos and coffee - the trifecta of Baja Arizona activism! If you provide it, they will come :)