Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gas prices

For some obscure reason, San Francisco has much higher gas prices than most of the country. If you drive inland 50 miles, you'll pay significantly less than in this port city. I'm sure dealers sell at what the market will bear, but the premium we pay has always seemed mysterious.

After last summer, I never thought I'd see this again:

The pump announced that the fuel might contain ethanol.

I haven't seen that before in California. I suspect this is more a subsidy for corn producers than an effort to save oil, but I don't know for sure. Some people definitely don't like ethanol in their gas.

Anyway, the total for the fill-up was gratifying. I drive very little, so my last fill up three weeks ago was at something like $2.36 a gallon.

When I went by later, the price of regular was down to $1.95. Guess I should have waited...


Samia said...

Exactly the same with San Diego! it was delightful to drive to L.A. and back for 25 dollars instead of 60 dollars two months ago!

Anonymous said...

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