Thursday, September 03, 2009

Elders rally for health care reform

Polls say older people don't want the current health care reform. Baloney -- certainly not all of us. Take a look at these folks who were some of the anchors of yesterday's broad coalition rally for reform in San Francisco.

They know: Without health care reform, slashing Medicare benefits will be Congress’s next step.

See also the new Truth Squad badge on the blog side bar.

You wouldn't want to get into a tussle with this guy.

They've got firm opinions about what forces are in the way of reform.


And they've even got clear ideas about how to get there.

This woman's signs ask that Congress protect Medicare AND allow states the chance to try health care reform experiments. That's not surprising in San Francisco. A municipal public health plan (limited to the city) has managed to cover nearly everyone and 94 percent of recipients like it! Meanwhile, the state legislature has voted for a statewide single payer system twice, only to have it vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger.

Not all elders are part of the opposition to affordable, efficient health care for all. We know that even continuing Medicare depends on it.


Ronni Bennett said...

It's great to see these photos with those elder faces. Hurray, and thanks for posting them.

NancyB said...

Thank you for lifting my spirits and putting a face on healthcare reform. I was almost at the point of actually believing what the media reports! I have smacked myself and feel much better now that I have read your blog. Ronni suggested it would heal my reform woes..and it did. Nice job!

Taru Fisher said...

Thanks for keeping us informed about elders and health care -- I no longer feel alone. As a former medical practice management consultant, I know first hand how the insurance companies make it their business to deny legitimate claims; how onerous their paperwork is for the Doctors--designed once again to make it extremely difficult to complete it properly. The Big Pharma are no better, and want to keep us medicated with drugs that have side effects that create the need for more drugs. Our system isn't just broken; it's corrupt to the core.

libhom said...

I love the "Healthcare Yes, Insurance Companies No" sign.