Friday, October 07, 2011

Peace vigil endures

After ten years of war in Afghanistan, they are still showing up to stand silently for one hour on Thursdays beside the tall, cold, glass and steel old Federal Building.

2george fox vigiler.jpg
Quakers have been there from the beginning.

3tufted bishop.jpg
The Episcopal Peace Fellowship has also been faithful. Bishop Marc Andrus joined the little band yesterday.

4john avalos smiling.jpg
Supervisor and mayoral candidate John Avalos turned out to deliver a commendation from the entire Board. The city recognizes this faithful witness is emblematic of our city's values (on our better days.)

5markley gentle smile.jpg
Although founder Markley Morris has "retired" from the vigil, he is still a smiling presence, plying passersby with flyers.


Civic Center said...

Thanks for this. I couldn't make it because of work, but it doesn't matter somehow, since your photos are exquisite.