Sunday, June 30, 2013

National Football League: unpatriotic wimps

Usually I'm not much for the patriotism/patriarchy stuff, but when what you selling is butch aggression, the least you can do is help out with your civic duties. But no, not the NFL. The federal Department of Health and Human Services suggested that the professional league could aid in publicizing the new availability of insurance that starts with an enrollment period during the coming season. Some Republican Congresscritters said "boo!" The NFL caved like frightened rabbits:
The National Football League is not participating in an effort with the Obama administration to help promote enrollment in health insurance plans under the new health care law, a spokesman said. The statement came after two Republican Senate leaders wrote to the heads of six major professional sports organizations, including the N.F.L., expressing concern that they would help encourage people to sign up in the new health insurance programs set to begin next month.

… But the senators, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and John Cornyn of Texas, warned that doing so might not be a good idea. “Given the divisiveness and persistent unpopularity of the health care law, it is difficult to understand why an organization like yours would risk damaging its inclusive and apolitical brand by lending its name to its promotion,” the senators wrote.
Obamacare is, after all, the law of the land. Maybe you participate in the national effort because you want to keep your fans alive ?… oh no, I forgot that the Republican solution to the unequal availability of medical care in this country is "Get sick? Just die!"

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