Saturday, November 07, 2015

Saturday scenes: Nicaraguan children

At the risk of being trite, an awful lot of Nicaraguan children are simply adorable.

During my recent trip with El Porvenir visiting rural water projects, these young people watched us -- and we watched them.

We are after all a curiosity.

This fellow has had a growth spurt and outgrown his crutches. It was a wonder how undisturbed the dogs at this farm seemed by extra people wandering around.

She's too cool to stare, but not to pose.
El Porvenir is an non-governmental, people-to-people organization that "partners with the people of Nicaragua so that they can build a future for themselves. Clean drinking water is at the core of El Porvenir; sanitation is necessary to ensure that the water is clean. In addition to sustainable water and sanitation projects, we work with communities on health and hygiene education and reforestation."


Hattie said...

Bravo to you for this good work. The children are,indeed,adorable.

Andrew Cooper said...

Enjoying the blog, thanks for telling me about it. We do have some crossover in photos ;)

Some of my stuff from the Nicaragua...