Saturday, January 22, 2022

Need to store your wines?

I love finding the unexpected when I'm out Walking San Francisco. While walking in the Presidio, I learned that this former military post, now a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, includes wine cellars for rent.

The historical designation of this area is Battery McKinnon Stotsenberg, but the non-profit trust that runs the Presidio as a park and tourist destination seems to have repurposed it for a more lucrative function. If you've got a private wine collection you want to house underground, this facility is for you.

That's a fine dirt mound covering the "cellars."

Barrels announce the obscure location's purpose.

Lots of barrels ...

Walking the area has made me a cautious fan of the management of the Presidio Trust. When the Feds were dissuaded from selling off this magnificent old base to developers, it passed to a novel public-private non-profit in 1994. The new Trust was required to become self-funding. The arrangement seemed ripe for all sorts of grift and elite profiteering. And I have no doubt there has been plenty. But viewed simply as a huge scenic park that is honey-combed with well maintained trails, reasonably accessible to both San Franciscans and visitors, the place is a terrific success.

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