Monday, May 16, 2022

On deciding not to bear a child

The Los Angeles Progressive has reprinted Erudite Partner's 2019 story of when she chose to have an abortion manyyears ago: 

I was 22 years old, living in a cold, dark house in Portland, Oregon, spending my days huddled in front of a wood stove trying to finish my undergraduate senior thesis. I did not want to have a baby. I didn’t know what would come next in my life, but I knew it would not include raising a child. Until the moment the doctor told me I was pregnant — we didn’t have at-home tests in those days — I’d always believed that, although it was perfectly ethical for other women to have abortions, I would never do so. In that electric instant, however, I knew that what I had believed about myself was wrong. ...

Go read it all.

Since the Alito opinion leaked, she has come out to her college students about her long ago abortion ...

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