Monday, February 06, 2023

Erudite Partner muses on California, fire, and flood

This common San Francisco configuration with a garage below street level hasn't served well this winter.

She writes:

California has been “lucky” this fall and winter. We’ve seen a (probably temporary) break in the endless drought. A series of atmospheric rivers have brought desperately needed rain to our valleys and an abundance of snow to the mountains. But not everyone has been celebrating, as floods have swept away homes, cars, and people up and down the state. They’ve shut down highways and rail lines, while forcing thousands to evacuate. After years of thirst, for a few weeks the state has been drowning; and, as is so often the case with natural disasters, the poorest people have been among those hardest hit. ...

Yes, it's climate change. And how we decide to live with what we've wrought is still up to us.

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