Friday, July 14, 2006

The great fleamarket of Chilmark, Mass.

Since I recently posted a photo essay about the great souq of Damascus, it seems a worthy counterpoint to post pictures of the market held Wednesday and Saturday mornings down the road from where I am currently visiting. It is not perhaps quite as exotic to my eyes, but a closer look is amusing.

Many of the goods for sale are used household goods.

Some are tastefully displayed.

Some displays are a little incomprehensible.

A few of the sale items are downright distasteful in themselves.

A few artists promote their works.

Some craft items are quite attractive, though not necessarily things I'd want.

Customers eye the wares.

Some come ready to sit down, while others stride purposefully.

Someone must have dispatched her to find something they wanted. She is serious about her errand.

I didn't buy anything, but this reminder of the World Cup would have been fun to take home at a more reasonable price. Forty-five dollars seemed too much for a toy, even one that screams "ANTIQUE."

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The Liberal Avenger said...

Welcome to our lovely Commonwealth. I can't think offhand where Chilmark is, but it can't be terribly far.

Stop by and have a beer!

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