Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Candlelight vigil for immigrant rights

At the end of a long day of immigrant May Day marches yesterday, I wandered over to 24th and Mission for an early evening candlelight vigil. Aside from a few children whipping about, the small crowd seemed a little tired and perhaps a little fearful. This wasn't the enthusiastic, happy gathering I'd seen in the morning. Folks shivered a little in the cold, held their candles and listened to speeches calling for open borders, amnesty for all workers, a chance for their children.

I was surprised and very happy to notice Episcopal Bishop Marc Andrus and Sheila Andrus standing on the edge of the crowd, without fanfare lending their support to immigrants asserting their humanity in a strange land. We Episcopalians are fortunate to have new clerical leadership that seems to know where we belong. Bishp Marc has written about the event on his blog.

I didn't stay long. And I doubt anyone did. Most of those kids were going to school in the morning -- another day in the lives of people who have to fear, accurately, that they have no rights.


Miss Eagle said...

Hi Jan, thought I would say hello instead of lurking. I have had your blog in my feed for a little while now. I note you have said your an Episcopalian. As an Anglican who also blogs on justice issues at The Eagle's Nest I thought I would touch base. I love your blog. It is good to see what is happening a world away and what issues are important.

Blessings and bliss

Rhea said...

I live in Massachusetts, where they recently kicked a bunch of immigrant workers out and left their kids with no one to take care of them. UGH!@!

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