Sunday, May 06, 2007

"A day in baghdad"

U.S. AID offers this photo so we'll appreciate what our tax dollars are doing for the emerging Iraqi "free press."
A reporter for McClatchy news service in Baghdad wrote on May 5:

When you start your day with bombs or waking up on you phone ringing and one of your relatives telling you on the phone that your friend or some one you know has died.

Or getting panic while you eating your breakfast because on of the militia kidnapping your neighbor.

Then you will know how important to feel that you are in safe[ty]. ...

We still have no where to go. We became strangers even in our own houses.

Wissam, Inside Iraq

Now that Riverbend and family are leaving the hell the U.S. has made of Iraq, some of the most immediate testimony from that suffering country comes from blog posts by McClatchy News' local staff. If you want to know what it is like to live and work in Baghdad, almost daily installments are available.

By working with U.S. newspapers, these folks have very likely given themselves a death sentence when -- there is no "if" -- the U.S. leaves Iraq. Folks in the peace movement must agitate our government to admit the masses of refugees who will continue to stream out of that broken country.

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