Saturday, May 19, 2007

Empathy gone missing

It's not that we don't know that this is how it is for U.S. troops in Iraq. If we were there, we might feel and act the same way. But it is still awful to contemplate.

Mosque vs F-18.
Uploaded: May 16 2007 by max.
Location: Iraq. Possibly Tajii.

Via BagNewsNotes and LiveLeak.


Kay Dennison said...

Oh my! However, it's not the people who actually do such things who we should be questioning -- it's those who order them to commit such acts and I think we all know the chain of command.

Nina said...

the picture is missing?

janinsanfran said...

Nina -- I'm not sure what you are asking. As this appears to me, and apparently to others, there is a "LiveLeak" video available in the picture slot. It seems to play like any internet video. Perhaps we are having a failed plug-in match here?

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