Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mr. Big Head

It's hard to tell whether he's sinking into the grass or rising out of it. Either way, he seems kind of impassive about it.

Why do I think this head is male? After all, I've known shaved headed women -- I've been very close to being one myself. Close enough to get a sunburn on my scalp. But I think he's male. Getting close doesn't answer my question, whether he sank or rose.

He's big. People want to touch.

And walk all the way around.

Sadly, he is not immune to urban hazards.

He's currently staring at you from a meadow on the east end of Kennedy Drive in Golden Gate Park. Don't miss him.

According to a two year old article in the San Francisco Chronicle. he once went to the Burning Man festival with creator Pepe Ozan.


sfmike said...


Kirstin said...

That's great! Is he permanent, or a traveling head?

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