Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Vineyard views

Martha's Vineyard is not a photogenic place. Or rather, it is so much photographed that most images feel trite. It is so much the archetype of tourist New England that you feel you've seen it all before. And the shadings here are subtle enough so it's hard to catch an image with any power.

But I won't be completely deterred. Here are a few from the last week.

A country store on the Fourth of July ...

sporting a poster for a holiday softball game.

A fishing boat comes into harbor.

This is a working vessel.

Meanwhile, for many, it's a day at the beach.

Some play with the ocean.

These two views from the hill below Waskosims rock, a Wampanoag (native American) sacred site, could make you forget that the land below has been farmed and grazed by white people for more than 300 years. Only in the last century has the forest been allowed to grow back over stonewalls and foundations.

There are lots of these hidden under the tree canopy, enough to make a necessity of Professor Thoron's new science.

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