Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Two Mexican museums

Mexico City is a city of museums. I've only been to two so far and they were both wonderful, as well as places where photography is somewhat restricted. Seeing here demands a cultural leap for me -- I'm happy to attempt the acrobatics. Here are few images

The art of Frida Kahlo is well known in the United States, thanks in part to the work of Galleria de La Raza. Her house is a museum cum shrine to the crippled painter. Here in Mexico, she's the subject of what our friends call "Frida-mania."

Crowds lined up to see newly opened papers and drawings by Frida and her partner, the great muralist Diego Rivera.

The show banner is a self-portrait revealing the artist in the frightening harness she wore to enable her to straighten a broken back.

The Museo del Estanquillo in the historic area of the city showcases an eclectic mix of art, photographs and cartoons out of Mexico's past and present. Carlos Monsivais, one of Mexico's most creative leftist intellectuals, has put his political and esthetic sensibilities up for public viewing. He's clearly been a wonderful patron and friend to some of Mexico's most unruly artists. The museum is a gem.

This Rius cartoon says something easy for a U.S. audience to understand in the age of Fox News: "He's an intellectual."

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sfmike said...

You are making me very envious with your trip to Mexico, a country I love, though the Distrito Federal (Mexico City) is probably my least favorite place there. I was at Frida and Diego's old house in Coyoacan back in the 1970s, pre-Frida-mania, and was the only person there besides an old guard who let me wander wherever. Very strange, cool place.

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