Monday, July 23, 2007

Off the everyday tourist track

When you have good friends who live in a foreign place, you get to see a little more than you might if you only had a guidebook. Of course that doesn't mean you understand what you see. Some parts of Mexico City's Mercado Sonora I'd never have seen without friends. Make of them what you can.

There's nothing strange about folks using traditional herbal remedies. I'm glad I can visit an accomplished Chinese acupuncturist at home for my medicines. Check these prescriptions available at the market.

Down the aisle, these hanging diablos began to take us a bit further out of everyday consciousness.

Devils and skeletons are common in Mexican folklore, but we're getting a little macabre here.

Now we're getting to the deeper stuff: "Santa Muerte's [Lady Death's] magic spells and amulets, both black and white magic, prepared here for your home or business." Looks like she is doing okay.

Under her skirt, she appears to be well fed.

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