Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mercado Coyoacan

The neighborhood of Coyoacan is a bit hip and trendy, a meeting of classic older Mexico City residences with the nearby Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM) whose 300,000 tuition-free (!) scholars support a multitude of bookstores and cafes. Because the University is not in session now, the streets are not so full of students -- the break is why we're here, enjoying the vacation of our friend, a University instructor. But Coyoacan's market is simply a market -- a feast of fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, taco stands, and sundries for daily life.

Need a pineapple?

Or a few chiles?

Or perhaps some cheese from Oaxaca?

There's no doubt about the freshness of these fellows...

...waiting for purchase under a proper shrine.

Hungry? Take your choice of fillings at the taco stand.

Are the cares of life getting you down? Stop by the apothecary for an aerosol blessing!


Kallil Oliveira said...



Wat is your name?


Jane R said...

I love the Ignatius of Loyola one!!! (And his feast day is coming up on July 31.)

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