Friday, September 14, 2007

Awesome membership-building gimmick

If the back of your car looked like this:

And you parked it somewhere in Kentucky...

... you'd stand a good chance of finding one of these

under your windshield wiper. Here's the other side:

The organizer who showed this to me explained:

We give every member a handful. I find one on my car every once in a while.

Yes ... we have had people come to a meeting after getting one of these.

I love this simple outreach trick. I'm sure it works on a couple of levels. It gives current members a way to do something really easy that builds their identification with their community organization. And it makes a very simple invitation to the person who gets a card to do something concrete. Offering a meeting is much better than just pointing to a website, even if most recipients are more likely to look at the website.

Nice work, KFTC.

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