Monday, September 24, 2007

Let my people work!

This video is the inspiring story, told by the women themselves, of their struggle to get paid for work they are eager to do. That's right -- it is about a struggle simply to get paid. The labor market is that tough if you are an immigrant and work for a politically connected corporation that treats you as expendable.

It also points to the limitations of local living wage electoral campaigns. We can almost always win them: people who want to pay minimum wage are a tiny fraction of voters, while people who know they couldn't live on minimum wage are most everybody in the politically engaged class. But so long as so many low-wage workers are undocumented, employers can do what they want to far too many of them. If people are going ot work here, they need legal protections and a real chance to form unions.

The video comes via EBASE, advocates who have carried these Woodfin Suites workers' fight into the local community.

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