Friday, September 07, 2007

Bin Laden video

Nice to see the mainstream media doing its part to spread fear and confusion by promoting the Al Qaeda brand. Above, Channel 2 in New York City sends a reporter to Ground Zero to ask people inane questions about the as-yet-unseen, but pre-announced, message from the 9/11 perp.

The NeoCons need their bogeyman partner in the crime of making wars of choice on the innocent. Wonder if they have him stuffed somewhere, ready to be pulled out as needed?


sfmike said...

He's most probably been dead for some time. These videos are some of the most absurd "Wag The Dog" phonies imaginable, and they always seem to arrive at the most convenient moments for the Bush administration. Worst of all, even if they were "real," I wouldn't believe them at this point.

Khaled said...

I got this by email

Still no charges
against Osama bin Laden !!!

Kay Dennison said...

Argh!!! and I think that describes the reaction of most of us!

Anonymous said...

Looks like CIA forgot old Osama Bin Laden pictures.
The recent pictures OBL appeared with black hire on his face while the old tapes OBL appeared with Black/white hair on his face?

So is it making up tapes or what you think?

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