Monday, September 29, 2008

Guess who said it...

"Tradition has brought us this far, but the future is right in front of us."
  • Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulsen on the market tanking after the bailout bill failed in the House today?
  • Speaker Nancy Pelosi on why she must bring the bailout bill back for another vote?
  • Sarah Palin on the desirability of drilling for oil in ANWR?
  • Christian Right preachers on why they should be able to endorse John McCain from the pulpit?
  • Someone else?
Answer in the first comment.


janinsanfran said...

Scary, isn't it? It could have been any of them, but actually it was the San Francisco 49ers marketing department, heard on AM radio while catching the shellacking the New Orleans Saints gave our poor football team yesterday.

Samia said...

at least you still have the head coach you came into the season with, yes?

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