Sunday, September 21, 2008

S.L.I.M.E. marches on

Goodness -- near honesty coming from the New York Times:

Q. So is it fair to say that Americans who are neither rich nor reckless are being asked to rescue people who are? What is in this package for responsible homeowners of modest means who might be forced out of their homes, perhaps for reasons beyond their control?

A. Yes, you could argue that people who cannot tell soybean futures from puts, calls and options are being asked to clean up the costly mess left by Wall Street.

You'll be glad to know why not only crony capitalist Republicans, but also our supposed defenders of the little guy among the Dems will vote for pillage:

...the parties are likely to reach an accord. Many members of Congress are eager to leave Washington to go home and campaign for the November elections, and no one wants to face the voters without having done something...

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Nell said...

And with the keen political judgment they've displayed for the last eight years, the Dems will not use everyone's desire to get home and campaign as leverage to built anything genuinely populist or reforming into the bill, but allow themselves to be intimidated by Paulson's characterization of any addition as a "poison pill".

As Charles Dodgson said, "Class warfare doesn't get more naked than this."

See the letter purportedly from a member of Congress at openleft to get an idea of what weak tea even the most fire-breathing of Dems are contemplating.

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