Friday, September 19, 2008

No joking matter ...

Got to be the best line of the day:

One of the nice things about being a Democrat with a stock portfolio is that your risks are fairly well hedged. If the market goes up, then you make money, and if the market goes down, then you're more likely to see a Democrat elected President.

Nate Silver,

When you are screwed, you might as well laugh. Perhaps until you think about this:

That's 3:16 on what the financial meltdown would mean if Republicans had managed to privatize Social Security. With the bailouts, it appears they too have successfully hedged their bets: while the casino spun happily on, they made money. When the crash came, we the people get to save their sorry asses.


Samia said...

A belated thank you for your thoughtful entries Jan.
On a side: Funny that we're all following 538 (i learned about it on NPR). It seems like I've gotten most of my info in the past weeks from them. The comments too are interesting and less likely to be mean spirited. From a geeky stats point of view its fascinating seeing the prediction numbers rise and fall on time delay, especially the double convention de-bounce.

Naomi said...


wish you could be with us in nyc tomorrow for the Barackolate Chip Cookie sale (plus voter registration. let me know if i should send you the recipe.

yours, for victory, naomi

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