Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Obama defends Constitution

On Constitution Day (did you know we had such a thing?) this video [5:45] seems on the mark. Last week at a town hall meeting in Michigan, Barack Obama called on an articulate and very distressed citizen who gave a mini-speech as so many questioners will. She wants her country back.

And after some overly bellicose warm-up posturing, Obama explained and defended the principle of habeas corpus and the rule of law. He knows why we need it.

"We might think we've grabbed Barack the terrorist, when in fact we've got Barack who is running for President."

He could say more. He could say a lot more. But unlike the other guy, he demonstrates that he knows what the Constitution is and that we need it to set some limits on the arbitrary power of the state. Electing him would give those of us who care about the rule of law a place to start clawing our country back.

H/t the Washington Independent.

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