Thursday, October 09, 2008

An ad you should see
... and won't if ABC has its way

I watch football on TV. I watched the Olympics. In fact I watch very little on the tube except sports.

But I've seen hours of oil company ads touting their supposed clean energy research, their ever-so-responsible social policies. Being who I am, I don't much believe them, but there is no escaping them.

So I'm downright pissed off to learn that ABC refused to air the Alliance for Climate Protection's Repower America ad about how oil and coal companies have blocked the country's switch to truly clean energy. Here's the ad.

You can help get this run on national TV -- it is only fair. Tell ABC to reconsider their decision and air the Repower America ad.


Darlene said...

I sent ABC my objection note earlier today. It always comes back to two things; money and power.

sfmike said...

"Name me ten things in life that are fair" was a refrain used by a schoolteacher friend who would use it when his students started whining that something wasn't "fair." Look who owns the TV networks: GE, Westinghouse, Rupert Murdoch. They pretend to be "fair," but let's get real.

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