Thursday, October 23, 2008

How very Arnold...

My governor demonstrated his readiness to serve when installed in 2003 by instantly repealing the Vehicle License Tax and setting the state on the road to insolvency. Then he put us through a fourth statewide general election in four years when he tried to bypass the legislature and rule by initiative -- and got hammered by the voters. Last summer, he let Republican legislators who hold barely one third of the seats in Sacramento stall the state budget for months.

That is, Arnold Schwarzenegger, though photogenic, presents a terrific example of what voters get when they stick an ambitious nincompoop in a job requiring executive and political capacity.

Naturally, our guy is off in Ohio telling Campbell Brown of CNN that Sarah Palin is just what the country needs:

CAMPBELL BROWN: Do you think she's qualified to be president?

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: I think that she will get to be qualified.

BROWN: She will get there? What do you mean? She's not ready yet?

SCHWARZENEGGER: By the time that she is sworn in I think she will be ready.''

Picked up by Carla Marinucci,
San Francisco Chronicle

He should know about this.

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Kay Dennison said...

Thanks for reminding me why I rarely vote for Republicans!

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