Thursday, October 02, 2008

Veep debate: Governor Non-Sequitur spews

When I do trainings for people who are going to have to deal with the media, I have learned from the Center for Third World Organizing to have people practice using a rather amusing exercise: whatever an interviewer asks them, their job is to explain the fact that "my dog has three legs." It's fun -- and it is remarkable how proficient very ordinary people can become at this exercise with a few hours training.

Somebody seems to have tried something similar with Governor Palin -- they gave her talking points on about fifteen issues and instructed her to get them in. She's a quick study. She's getting most of them in, regardless of what Gwen Ifill or Joe Biden happen to be talking about.

What I've learned from watching this: it's harder for an uninformed person to learn to parrot fifteen talking points than to advocate for just one.


Jane R said...

Did you see Jon Stewart? Fits nicely with what you said.

Naomi said...

great photo!

yes, we're all edgy as things go "too well" for our guy. but we need to work on this, jan. feels as if we do not believe we're entitled to win this time. we need to work on ourselves. i will try harder...yes i can.

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