Friday, October 03, 2008

Oh that's what he meant...

Joe Biden, while effectively crushing the tiresome Ms. Palin last night, had one really odd moment that left me jaw dropped. He seemed to be saying the United States had driven Hizbollah out of Lebanon. How the hell would that happen? Hizbollah is a group of Lebanese.

Time's Joe Klein explains:

Joe Biden, by contrast, demonstrated a real knowledge of the issues in question. He made several verbal fumbles -- it was Syria, not Hizballah, that left Lebanon...

Oh, that's what he meant. I couldn't call that demonstrating real knowledge. In general, most of the world does better when our politicians think about their countries less.

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Samia said...

I knew you'd be one of the few to pick up on that! How embarrassing would that have been if Palin had gone huh? I'm pretty sure McCain would have gone huh... But what am I talking about, there's no way Palin would have known the difference. I was yelling and screaming at the TV during the middle east segment of the debate. Of course no one would notice it, but I thought the section in which Biden highlighted his opposition to Bush's middle east strategy was particularly weak, and his declaration of eternal Israel-Love to top it off reminded me of why I've always been so reluctant to give my heart to a democrat presidential candidate. I think a testament to Obama's likeability is that so many people can still be excited about him despite some cringeworthy foreign policy declarations.

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