Sunday, November 02, 2008

Campaigns still come down to this...

For all the technical brilliance and technological sophistication the Obama campaign is bringing to getting out the vote, as the end nears, people end up sorting through mountains of paper, manually ensuring that targeted voters don't escape the attentions of canvassers and phonebankers. Bottlenecks in printing and data entry have thrown campaigners back to dependence on highlighting names and the sheer determination of legions of volunteers.

Heaven help any voter who has been identified as leaning toward Obama and hasn't voted yet in our Colorado exurb! You will be hounded to the polls over the next two days.
Check out my friend SFMike's blog for a happy pictorial story of early voting in San Francisco, where Senator Obama is a shoo-in, but voters who believe in hope still need to defeat Prop. 8, the effort to legislate discrimination against gay marriage.


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Darlene said...

I guess early voting didn't get my name off of the list of people to call because my phone is ringing off the hook. I will be so glad, for many reasons, when Wednesday arrives. Maybe I will be able to sleep then.

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