Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day finally arrives

A day that dawns like this, must be auspicious.

This poll watcher from the Obama campaign (wearing the yellow "Vote Today" button) has just found the right polling place for a voter who had come to the wrong address. They are both thrilled that the system works. This polling place was in the rec center of a gated senior community; they NEVER had a Democratic presence at the polls before this campaign.

Michelle greets arriving volunteers. She's got a big interest in the Obama campaign: her husband is serving in Afghanistan. She doesn't want him sent to war "where they don't have a mission." She has been terrified that he'll be sent to Iraq, a war she thinks is wrong.

Volunteers pour in, eager to help.

This Obama office has a child care room; here, Daddy calls voters while keeping track of his son.

Canvassers sort out their packets after knocking on doors.

Careful tallies help campaigners know which voters have been reached -- and who still should be pushed to go vote. Over 50 percent of Coloradans had voted before today, many of them Obama voters. The campaign will be pursuing its remaining identified supporters for the rest of the day.


Kay Dennison said...

Great photos!!!!!! This election has really got folks involved. I just hope they stay involved -- what a country we could grow!!!

namastenancy said...

I followed your link from the blog "As Time Goes By." Great photos and a sensitive, beautiful, thoughtful look at what really makes our country great. If Obama/Biden win, can I use some of your photos (with credit) on my blog? I intend to post some of Walt Whitman's poetry and I think that these photos would do justice to him and his vision of America.

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