Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm so glad I did that 29 years ago

Click on the picture to learn more. H/t Matthew Yglesias who got it from Ezra Klein. Incestuous, this blogging stuff.


Darlene said...

Like most young women of my generation I started smoking at age 23 when I married a smoker. I quit cold turkey 9 years later, thank God. My younger step-sister continued smoking until she died of lung cancer.

sfmike said...

I see that you're still keeping track of when you quit. Do you remember the actual date? I thought it best to not memorialize the moment in any way, so let's say I quit cold turkey about ten years ago after thoroughly enjoying cigarettes for a good thirty years. I still consider myself a Tobaccaholic who can't cheat with just one or I'll be smoking a carton within a week. It is amazing how one's circulation comes back, the skin improves, blah-blah-blah.

janinsanfran said...

Mike: I am also a Tobaccaholic. I know -- before I finally quit, I "quit" for as long as a year, but instantly was hooked again when I tried "just one."

But I don't even remember what month I finally stopped in. I do remember the year as the quitting coincided with getting serious about my, still happy, partnership.

bjohanna said...

I remember the day I quit: the day of my first of two surgeries for oral cancer. Even that didn't make it easy to quit. I needed meds, patches, acupuncture, and the fear of dying. Fortuantely, it didn't take too long to love being a non-smoker.

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