Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Day, minus one

This blog is likely to be without much thoughtful content until well after the polls close tomorrow.

Perhaps, instead, I'll manage to post a few pictures of democracy in action with the Obama campaign outside Denver.

It dawned bright and clear here this morning. The city -- those little blocks in the middle distance -- looks tiny from our exurban location.

At the campaign office, Joanie has put out breakfast snacks for the canvassers.

Getting out the vote is all about having accurate lists of voters and understanding how to mark new information on them so they become more and more useful for pushing out the last few stragglers.

Canvassing effectively means understanding what you're doing, so canvassers get a quick training.

Phoning voters with information about where to vote is also hard work that requires attention to detail and getting out the right messages.

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