Tuesday, January 27, 2009

60 Minutes names the choices:
"Ethnic cleansing, apartheid or democracy"

More: each part is 7:35 minutes long.

Is a two state solution in Israel-Palestine still possible?

In most of the world, this longish [15:00] documentary report on the realities of Israeli apartheid is ordinary, common knowledge.

But the mere fact that it can be broadcast on U.S. television during a respected news program is evidence of what can be seen all around us: an enforced silence is breaking down.

What comes next is hard to envision. Probably more violence -- and the Israelis have most of the armaments, courtesy of our taxes.

1 comment:

Samia said...

I'm speechless. I can't believe this was on 60 minutes! It would have been heresy to talk about it at pretty much any other time!

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