Friday, January 09, 2009

A slaveringly pro-Israeli resolution

An angry Quaker is a beautiful thing. When that quiet rationality is overcome by moral outrage, something awesome is launched into the world.

Here's Helena Cobban writing about the United States Senate's enthusiastic endorsement of Israel's assault on the people of Gaza.

The U.S. Senate is not made up of people who are monsters or idiots. But it is made up of people whose first inclination is to look out for their chances of re-election in a political system that is drenched in, and corrupted by, the influence of raw money.

The new US Senate was voted in Tuesday. Today, as Israel's assault on Gaza continues, the Senate made one of its first items of business the adoption of a strongly pro-Israeli resolution-- crafted in AIPAC's policy shop-- that expressed strong support for Israel's viewpoint on all aspects of the current war.

This, even as the UN's Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs was issuing the latest in its series of updates on the humanitarian crisis that Israel's latest war of choice has inflicted on Gaza's 1.5 million people. ...

Information about the ever-worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza has been available for a number of days now, and has been reported on the US media....

Do the Senators have any idea how heartless and brutal they look to just about everybody else in the rest of the world when they pass such a slaveringly pro-Israeli resolution?

Just World News,
January 8, 2009

The behavior of the US Congress (now US representatives have since jumped on board) is the proper target for the protests of the very substantial portion of the US public that is appalled by the atrocities inflicted on Palestinians in Gaza. We provide and fund the weapons; we underwrite the ongoing theft of Palestinian land that Israel calls "settlements"; and our Congresscritters believe with some experiential evidence that they have to tow the line of the Israel Lobby to stay in office. If we don't like what is happening in Gaza, we have to change the behavior of our own rulers. That's the job of those of us here.

Reuters Alernet which aggregates news from international NGOs has a very good, comprehensive set of links to blogs from within Gaza.


Tina said...

what i don't understand is how the people who are supposed to care for the fate of the jews in my part of the world, encourage them to do what they are doing. are they blind? stupid? or is it that they don't really care about those jews? do they really believe that the palestinians are going to forgive and forget? and if they are thinking that the palestinians will be obliterated from every corner of the planet, do they think that the arabs, christian and muslims and then the muslims of the rest of the world will forgive them and forget?

all those senators, all the aipac, all the people who sent money and weapons to the israelis, all the ones who stayed silent while knowing what is happening are responsible for any blowback.

by the way, the bbc in arabic said that 600 palestinians from haifa have been arrested because they were arguing/fighting with their jewish neighbors. think about what might happen next!

Tina said...

then i received this:
Holocaust Denied
The lying silence of those who know
By John Pilger

all in all good americans have stayed silent for too long.

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