Thursday, January 08, 2009

On the road again: Anaheim

I'm staying for several days in this slightly absurd example of the Stockbrokers' Tudor architectural style.

If I wanted to and had the time (I don't; this is work), I could board the shuttle to Disneyland.

These pictures don't do justice to the air which is all too visible. Perhaps not quite up the standard set by James Fallows' photos of Beijing, but far too close. On the shuttle here, another passenger insisted, "this area will be really pretty when all the cars are electric." The driver countered, "That will be when all the people are gone."

We seem to be in an unsettled frame of mind.

UPDATE: Yes, I did feel the 4.5 earthquake here around 7:45 pm. It was very mild.

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sfmike said...

As I've written recently, "L.A. really is just one bad day away from the apocalypse." And Anaheim even more so.

Do go to Disneyland, by the way, for a couple of hours if you can. It's a deeply important place and fascinating to explore as a single adult with a camera and a brain.

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